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Provincia di Vicenza

Il sito è realizzato con il contributo finanziario dello strumento LIFE+ dell'Unione Europea

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The project area

The area of interest for the demonstrative solutions of the groundwater recharge is the upper Vicenza's plain. It is bounded by Prealpi Vicentine on the North, by Monti Lessini on the West, by limit of resorgiva's area on the South. The area reaches the city of Bassano del Grappa and Tezze sul Brenta on the East.

In this area structural actions are achieved to the hydrological recharge, while raising awareness on water saving is aimed at a wide user base of the water resources, it includes also lower part of Vicenza Province and part of Padua Province.

Here there's one of the most important bodies of groundwater reservoir in the Eastern Alps district for the environmental shape and the user base.

The aquifers in this area are the source of water supply for most of the Vicenza province and they supply the water main of a large part of the Padua province (since 1860), for a total of about 400,000 inhabitants.

Furthermore, this remarkable water availability has allowed the development of numerous industrial activities, which require large volumes of water in their production cycle, and the growth of the agricultural activities, which are closely related to the water provision for irrigation purposes.



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