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General Objective

The general objective is developing an adaptive strategy to the climate changes for the sustainable governance of the upper Vicenza’s plain groundwater resources. As an answer to the current climate changes, acknowledged by the international scientific community and proved on a regional level by many scientific evidences, the project aims at favouring the rebalance of the upper Vicenza’s plain water budget, rationalizing the water draw and favouring the natural and anthropic infiltration processes.

Specific Objectives

1. creating an integrated knowledge structure on the hydro-geological system;

The objective OS1 aims at deepening the previous studies on the hydro-geological system, integrating the different research topics, updating the contents in order to build a complete knowledge scheme around the considered theme and defining a diagnostic decision system support.

2. awakening and proactively involving all the subjects about the importance of groundwater, of water saving, and of groundwater recharge. These subjects are both public and private, individual or organized, and they make up the community which directly or indirectly affect the water budget of the hydro-geological basin of the upper Vicenza’s plain;

The objective OS2 contributes to create a cultural level around the water resources topic, for an effective implementation of the project’s actions during its development and after its end, with a particular reference to the water saving theme as a strategic step for the final rebalance of the groundwater level.

3. demonstrating the technical feasibility, the economical advantage and the environmental sustainability of some technical solutions for the recharge of the groundwater layers;

The Objective OS3 aims at contributing to the structural rebalance of the groundwater layer, through some natural and artificial recharge actions and, at the same time, at giving the applicative evidence of the feasibility of this approach.

4. developing an integrated and participated governance of the groundwater resource at a local scale.

The Objective OS4 satisfies the need of bringing the project approach adopted in the proposal into different institutional and social levels both horizontally and vertically, in order to ease the sharing of the processes, the outcomes and future sustainability of this strategy. In particular, the set up of an action plan for the governance of the groundwater resources aims at representing a good practice for the dissemination of the initiative and a solid contribution for the safeguard of the groundwater resources.

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